Celebrity Beauty Gurus on the Products in Summer

Celebrity Beauty Gurus on the Products in Summer

If your beauty routine changes according to the season, it’s almost time to freshen up. One way or another, summer is just around the corner, and to help you find the best new products for your cosmetic cabinet, we have enlisted the help of experts. Otherwise, there are simply too many things to examine. Here, beauty gurus from hairdresser Chris Appleton to Chanel eyebrow artist Jimena Garcia, facialist Candace Marino and fitness star and class founder Taryn Toomey share their favorite summer products on the market right now.

Advice from Taryn Toomey

“This hair mask was a new weekly staple in my routine,” says Taryn Toomey, founder of the class, whose clients include Naomi Watts and Jennifer Aniston. “Sometimes I put it on before going to the infrared sauna. I spent many year not caring about my hair – the combination of sweat, twists, teasing, bobby pins and not rinsing off sweat after training did a lot of damage. So I dropped the Bouffant, let it heal, cut it off and started again. Now hair masks are part of my routine, and this is one of my favorites.”

“I discovered this mask after having the Twilight facial (which is my favorite!) and now I pack some of these cloth masks wherever I go,” Toomey says. “They moisturize, plump and make your skin so shiny. I’m going to use these masks a few nights before bed (as Joanna suggested after the facial) and leave the extra product overnight. They work like magic every time.”

“I like to pull it out with my fingernail and spread it over my chest and shoulder,” Toomey says. “It smells absolutely awesome, creates a glow and makes your skin feel.”

Chris Appleton’s Advice

“As summer approaches, it’s important to keep in mind that your hair routine should adapt to the seasons,” says Chris Appleton, the celebrity hairdresser whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. ”

When the temperature rises and the humidity rises, this is one of my favorite products to get fabulous and tame hair all summer long. It is the equivalent of wearing a raincoat on your hair, as it seals in moisture with a waterproof barrier so that the style is not damaged by frizz. This product is designed to action against moisture for days.”

“For more shine, it gives a glossy finish while protecting the hair from heat and UV rays,” Appleton adds.

Advice from Nadia Tayeh

“For summer, I like to focus on the skin,” says Nadia Tayeh, makeup artist for Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. “In doing so, I like to give my clients a smooth texture to highlight the strengths of the face instead of using highlights. My favorite product to achieve this look is the Tower 28 Superdew Shimmerless Illuminating Balm. It gives a natural and radiant glow, as if shining from the inside.”

“To add a pop of color, I love the STIX all-over blush that you can apply on the cheeks and lips,” says Tayeh. “This is an easy look that everyone can get this summer for beautiful and radiant skin.”

Selection of Jimena García

“This will be my favorite Spritz of the summer,” says Jimena Garcia, the Chanel eyebrow artist whose clients include Stella McCartney. “I like to use it after training, when I’m stuck in the air conditioning and in the middle of clients, because it lifts my skin and my mood.”
“I was already with this towel because the embossed fabric protects the hair when it’s most vulnerable (wet),” says Garcia, “and then I realized that I could use it on the beach, put on my favorite sun shoes and live my most elegant sandy life.”

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