Check Floral Candles Perfect for a Spring time

Check Floral Candles Perfect for a Spring time

The right scented candle has the power to comfort, calm and elevate the mood of any room. Like an exclusive fragrance, a candle can bring peace and a sense of familiarity – it’s no wonder that some jetsetters regularly travel with their favorite scented candles. With the arrival of spring, why not invest in a new (or classic) candle to brighten up your surroundings and your mood? Below, we have collected some of the most extraordinary, vibrant (and seductive – it’s spring, after all) candles that you should add to your collection.

The luxurious and durable candle

When we say luxurious, we mean it. The Dior Oud Supreme is undoubtedly designed for special occasions and will fill your heart (and your space) with joy. This candle burns for 110 hour and brings a fabulous oud wood aroma. Oud Supreme is a special limited edition collaboration with Atelier Alain Ellouz, a New York-based brand specializing in the production of alabaster luminaires.

A timeless classic gift

Offer this candle to your friend (or lover) with an extraordinary and sophisticated taste, you won’t go wrong. The fragrance of Cartier petals is undeniably sublime, reminiscent of lush and flowery floral meadows.

For a relaxing bath

This candle has the perfect relaxing notes for bath time: juniper berries, pepper and Somali incense are gently mixed to bring you to a calmer world. Can’t you hear the gentle splash of a nearby stream and now feel the fresh air from outside on your face?

A Festival of Flowers

In homage to the cherry blossom, Diptyque’s recent fragrance is wrapped in a lush lily of the valley, Rose, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang. There is also a very weak mixture of raspberries and cherries that gives it a subtle but attractive sweetness.

A tasteful fragrance for every room

In our opinion, nothing signals the arrival of spring more than this beautiful concoction that mixes two favorite perfumes by Jo Malone London, English pear and freesia, with basil lime and mandarin. This elegant and ornate candle is part of the brand’s recent collaboration with artist and photographer Martyn Thompson.

Perfect for an outdoor dinner

This candle is the perfect addition to an outdoor garden party, with notes of orange blossom, tuberose and jasmine to brighten up any festive occasion. In Leland Francis’ cowgirl, there is also a patchouli and balsamic wood base that balances the floral Trifecta.

For a romantic evening

This heavenly scented candle contains peaceful notes of amber, Vanilla and bergamot that give comfortableth and a touch of beauty that corresponds to the 14th night passages of ancient Persian literature. The candle is sensual and seductive, but also full of aromatic heart.

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