Check Review of Augustinus Bader Retinol Serum

Check Review of Augustinus Bader Retinol Serum

Priding itself on creating science-backed skincare products in ultra-sleek, deep-sapphire packaging, Augustinus Bader is a brand beloved by beauty editor around the world for good reason. Their cleansing balm has practically become a cult legend, as has their body cream. Now, the Label is getting into the retinol game and is releasing a serum that gives the same results as a prescription, but without the painful adaptation period. Four W editor and contributor set out to see if this claim was really true — or if it was simply a beauty myth.

How familiar are you with retinol or Retin-A products?

I have done many experiments with retinol/retinoid to get a smooth and clear complexion, free of excess oil and fine lines. In the past, I have used different concentrations of Skinceuticals retinol cream (effective for minimal irritation), Differin gel (I found no difference), Paula’s Choice retinol (solid) and tretinoin gel 0.01% on prescription (I thought it would change a life, I ended up exfoliating, blushing and after my experience with tretinoin, I was about to give up the so-called miracle ingredient in favor of acidic peels, which have always worked well for me.

What associations come up when you think about the Augustinus Bader label?

Like any excellent grandeur beauty brand, Augustinus Bader has cultivated an aura of scientific rigor combined with decadence. (The founder of the brand is a university professor and an expert in stem cell biology; 50 ml. their most popular moisturizer costs 290.) I have already used their “the Cream” and their body cream, both are beautiful and fabulous. But I think any firm and simple moisturizer does the trick – the active ingredients are what you should spend your skincare budget on.

Describe your experience with Augustinus Bader retinol serum.

I have been using the retinol serum regularly for 4 weeks and I apply it at night in the middle of washing my face and applying the moisturizer. For the initial week or so, I used it alternately at night in matter it turned out to be irritating, but I didn’t develop redness or dryness, so now it’s an overnight thing. I took a short break when I got a slight sunburn after sitting for too long on a surprisingly comfortable spring afternoon.

In terms of results, it is quite a remarkable product. My skin is glassy, it even looks like that, and the occasional acne I was dealing with since my last tretinoin outing has completely disappeared. I also didn’t have to deal with any of the usual “retinol pheasants” – no redness, no peeling, nothing.

Would you like to reuse Augustinus Bader retinol serum?

If money doesn’t matter, yes. Realistically, I need to see how long this initial bottle lasts, then do some calculations to find out if I can integrate it into my usual skincare. Although, if I were to recommend to a friend to enjoy one thing every few months, that would probably be the matter.

I became of the brand when their products were spotted on Kendall Roy’s vanity at Succession last season. I researched them at the time and was interested in their formulations, and I liked the scientific feel of the brand. I recently started using their cleansing balm, which I really like – it’s thick without being sticky and my skin feels super clean afterwards.

Have you ever used retinol-based products?

I have used a few different retinol products in the past, one that my dermatologist had given me, and I also drank elephant oil. In fact, I found out using retinol that my rosy cheeks were the result of rosacea, which meant that I was much more sensitive to the active ingredients than I thought. I completely ruined my skin barrier for a while by abusing retinols and vitamin C, then I had to reduce it very quickly. However, before my skin went crazy, I noticed a lot of clarity and a less uneven texture, so it was not completely acidic with retinol products.

Based on my experience with retinol so far, I was nervous about diving back in and was pretty slow at initial. Once a week, then twice, then finally I climbed the ladder every other day. I made sure to use a very nourishing follow-up, such as La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast balm, and I was rewarded with beautiful skin! I love the way the serum is applied; a pump covers my face and neck in a thin layer. I never felt itching or inflammation and my forehead, where I have more difficulties with texture, remained without.

Would you like to reuse Augustinus Bader retinol serum?

I have only used prescription Retin-A products, because I think burning the initial layer of skin is the best way to reveal a fresh and youthful appearance on the bottom. I used a topical tretinoin for the initial time when I locked myself at home during quarantine in 2020, when I could expect the worst from my red, flaky and inflamed face in the safety of my own home.

During this one-month period, I suffered from many painful sores that cracked the corners of my mouth and bled when I laughed. But I must say that once all this was over, I was delighted with the results (I guess I would have done superior, right?). My skin has never been so clear, so plump, shiny and plump. But these days I don’t have a month or two to wait for a new Retin-A cycle, so I was excited to try Augustinus Bader’s new retinol to avoid all this suffering.

What happened when you used the brand’s retinol serum?

I used the retinol serum at night for about a month. Based on my experience with tretinoin so far, I was reluctant to use too much, so I applied a pea-sized drop to my face about twice a week after dipping my toe in water. However, I had no pain, redness or tearing of the skin, so I increased it to four nights a week. I was surprised by the results: I thought I would get this kind of smooth, even and clear skin, it would eliminate acne (even hormonal!) I had to endure some discomfort. Augustinus Bader showed me that this was not true.

Would you like to use this product again?

Definitely, but to be honest, I’m not sure I can afford the price on a regular basis. I’m going to enjoy every last drop of this bottle and I have to wait a bit before I buy a new one.

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