Check Vogue Editors Share Their Fragrance

Check Vogue Editors Share Their Fragrance

A characteristic fragrance is a deeply personal preference. The right perfume has the power to uplift, inspire confidence and even evoke memories that are dear to you. (No wonder some people keep the name of their favorite Eau de Toilette under lock and key.) The classics- Chanel No. 5, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, etc. – stay in the medicine cabinets of follower for a reason. But why do perfumes stay with us for year after smelling? And what would we recommend to other perfume lovers who are expanding their repertoire? To celebrate National Perfume Day, you’ll be forgiven if you didn’t know such a day existed, the editor of W have thought of their most popular and evocative perfumes of all time, including newly purchased Exclusive Perfumes that won’t be leaving the Boudoir any time soon.

Ffern is a small organic perfumery reserved for members of the English countryside, and their perfumes smell as romantic and fabulous as anything that sounds. I came across her “big book” in the spring of 2021, and once a season, an elegant perfume bottle arrives with a small test spray. If you don’t like it, you can return the bottle, but I enjoyed each of them, each fragrance is an evolution of the last one, like different chapters of the same book. The highlight for me so far has been the rich herbaceous Autumn 22, with notes of cardamom, citrus peel and greenery based on lavender, vetiver, red cedar and black tea. It is lightweight and comfortable at the same time, and it holds up beautifully in a cashmere sweater. – Andrea Whittle, Feature Film Director

Every fragrance from Jo Malone’s new The Blossoms collection is worth a visit (I especially like the Star Magnolia Cologne). But the fresh, clean and slightly floral aroma of the water lily variety is simply impossible to knockdown. And although I bought it recently, I used almost a quarter of the bottle (!). – Maxine Wally, senior digital editor

For reformed cereal girls looking to get away from the whole foods essential oil department, check out: Marcie Perfume by Eidecker Studio. The blend of Roman chamomile, orange blossom and amber creates a signature sweet scent that’s guaranteed to make people want to peck you for a moment (or two) longer. As a person who soaked exclusively in amber oil, this became my choice. – Ysenia Valdez, editor-in-chief of social networks

A friend introduced me to Do Son, a delicate and nostalgic fragrance by the famous candle maker Diptych. The fragrance was created by Yves Coueslant, one of the founders of dipytque, who was inspired by his summers in Ha Long Bay. Tuberose is the heart of this fragrance that reminds me personally of the San Francisco beaches where I grew up. Jasmine is my all-time favorite floral scent, so the fact that it’s an important note in your sound doesn’t hurt. – Claire Valentine, Cultural Editor

I’ve been a real Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla girl for year, but I recently tried the new le Père fragrance, and now I’m reconsidering everything. There are still notes of wood and vanilla, like my favorite piece, but the extra floral notes make it a little lighter and refreshing. – Tori López, deputy editor of fashion markets

It has been my signature evening fragrance for almost two decades. Why? Because it is an unusual perfume that is used mainly in and, in my humble opinion, one of the most elegant perfumes ever created. It also reminds me of my mother who wore this perfume in the late 70s in Tehran, where we lived. As I was getting ready to go out with my dad, I remember he took one last look at himself in the mirror and adjusted his lipstick and black patent leather boots before he left. He pecked me before he left, and the smell stayed on me.

Although I love this perfume, I think my dedication to this perfume has less to do with olfactory pleasures and more because it was my way of connecting with that Moment when I felt totally and totally protected in the world thanks to her. I try to carry a little bit of that feeling with me every time I use it now. Although it’s an intoxicating floral scent, it’s definitely an evening scent, so don’t overdo it for Brunch, and please, please, please, never stop using this scent, YSL. – Maryam Lieberman, contributing beauty editor

I could get poetic with this fragrance all day. It’s perfect for day and night, it’s never given me a headache (most perfumes are an instant migraine) and it smells like romance, 18th century libraries and something deliciously comfortable and sweet (but not too sweet!). The same fragrance also appears on a candle that I burn religiously at home, because having a real fireplace is the best thing to do. – Faith Brown, editor-in-chief of social media

Both fragrances are new favorites for me and will be touring constantly for the foreseeable future. Queen of Angels by Perfumehead is a sensual blend of Turkish and Moroccan roses with androgynous notes of leather and musk flanked by vetiver and amber. The Canadian tuxedo is the best for my alter Ego: she moves and smells like orange blossom and patchouli: she is dressed in jeans — she wear perfumes in small batches and her favorite movie is The Outsiders by Francis Ford Coppola. – Che Baez, deputy editor-in-chief

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