Christine Ko Discusses Learning the Art of Makeup

Christine Ko Discusses Learning the Art of Makeup

Christine Ko is an accomplished actress who played the leader of the Resistance in The Handmaid’s Tale, showed her comedy skills in the second season of Only in the Building and currently plays the role of Emma in Dave, FX’s most watched comedy of all time (the third season of which is currently airing). But Ko didn’t always know that he would end up on the screen as a performer.

Raised by her adoptive aunt in Georgia, Ko initially pursued a career in finance. But when she met her biological parents, the two Chinese TV star, at the age of 21, she realized that acting had been her dream from the very. After working for year in the enjoyment industry in Taiwan, Ko parted ways with his role in Dave, the initial project he was offered that he did not classify as a stereotype.

Ko shares some similarities with her character Emma, the creative partner of the series’ titular star, played by Dave Burd in a fictionalized version of his life as rapper Lil. Emma and Dave get to know each other in their corporate career before leaving the 9 to 5 world to pursue their dreams: Dave as a rapper and Emma as a graphic designer and director. “With Dave, the American dream came true for me too,” Ko says.

In addition to her television projects, Ko is also working with her fiance Alan Yang (with whom she previously worked on Tigertail for Netflix) on a film about her personal story. “He knows my story superior,” Ko said of co-writing the film with Yang. “It’s similar to Dave in that it’s loosely based on my life and the audience guesses what’s real and what’s not.”In addition to acting, Ko is also a beauty fanatic and, like any true beauty lover, she has undergone several transformations. Below, she shares some of her favorite products, what working with Asian makeup artists has taught her, and the procedure she.

Is there a beauty product you can’t live without?

After, it was the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush setting spray. Replaced my primer. I sprayed it as a finisher because I saw makeup artists doing it, then I went to TikTok and saw people using it initial, after moisturizing and before applying makeup. I swear your makeup doesn’t move. I like to use a very light foundation, and now I can spend a good eight hour with just a little translucent powder.

Which base do you prefer?

I have two. For my simple, daily and light foundation, I’m going with Forever Reboot makeup. It looks a bit like a moisturizer and I like that it shows my freckles. Then, when I go out to dinner with my fiancee or with the girls, I use the Dior Forever foundation in matte. The more the setting spray is like, oh. You take a picture and it looks well filtered.

What other makeup will you wear for a night out?

I’m not one to wear eye makeup. I love a burnt pink and orange shade, this shade looks more beautiful on my eyes. I always have Ardell’s simple short lashes; they make you feel like you have extensions. I love to make a very straight wing, it is very flattering for Asian eyes — with this tart brown eyeliner that contains liquid and a pencil.

Also, I love to put a powder highlighter under the eyes as a shadow. It is bright and very beautiful. It adds highlights and also makes your eyes brighter. I can tell you that it looks so good in the photos.

When did you start wearing makeup?

I have always been interested in beauty and I am always willing to try a trend. But I really started to understand makeup when I started working. I’ve seen how makeup can change my face; I can apply dark eyeliner and a red lip and look very different. I began to understand the proportions of my face and how I want to look. The best beauty tips come from makeup artists who understand Asian eyes.

In college, I had these crazy long eyelashes. I would do heavy, heavy, dark eyelids and a lot of black. But then I realized that for hooded eyes, it casts a shadow on the face. When I curl my eyelashes, I really curl them. And if I keep the space in the middle of my lid and my luminous crease, it’s always flattering.

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