Disco Curls Are Spring Biggest Hair Trend

Disco Curls Are Spring Biggest Hair Trend

Beauty TikTok invented “cycling in the hair”, Instagram introduced us to “I’m cold” makeup. There is no doubt that social networks shape current beauty trends, but sometimes we prefer to go back to previous eras to discover recent hair and makeup looks. A trend that is making a big comeback this spring? Disco Curls. Hollywood’s A-listers (including Emily Ratajkowski and Cardi B) put the hairstyle back on the map, taking us into the studio for 54 days when a bouncing Va-va-Voom had the power to dominate the dance floor. Here’s everything you need to know about the hairstyle resurgence, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to get the Look according to your hair type.

What are Disco curls?

Disco curls incorporate volume, texture and a next-level curl pattern. “The fullness of curls gave volume to flat hair in the 70s, but over time, the trend has changed from a more frizzy and teasing look to a more defined curl,” explains famous hairdresser Meechie de’FONO. Sophie Sugarman, another hairdresser to the Star, also notes that more and more people are adopting the natural texture of their hair and curls. “As we move into spring and summer, we will see the boldest and biggest hairstyles come to life,” she says. Not to mention, Disco curls are not only an eye-catching and meaningful hairstyle, but they also have the added bonus of lasting all week if you play your cards right (more on that After).

How to make disco curls according to the type of hair

The texture, length and cut of your hair all influence the type of curls you create. For example, a layered cut creates more volume because fullness is integrated into the style, explains Defono. Textured hair has a curl instead of thin, flat hair, and short to medium-sized hair should carefully choose the size of its stroke to ensure fullness (19 mm is recommended, according to De’FONO). That said, all types and textures of hair can come off Disco curls. As with most hairstyles, preparation in the shower and after the shower is essential, as is the size of the barrel and the products after the hairstyle.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, Sugarman says to avoid curl enhancement products, as they are too heavy and can weigh down your hair. Instead, look for volumizing products like unite Boosta volumizing shampoo and conditioner, which are infused with pro-vitamin B to give a mirror-like glow. When it’s time to blow dry your hair, Sugarman recommends blow drying it roughly, rather than completely, for a natural texture.

Then, go over each section of hair with a medium-sized curling iron.Take the time to hold the sections that are difficult to curl and let them cool in this position to completely fix them. If you are planning to wear your Disco locks on a special occasion, De’FONO recommends opting for a firmer hairspray; this will help achieve maximum texture for the evening—but it is not suitable if you are looking for your curls for the last few days, as firmer hairsprays are naturally stickier, which can make your

Fine and straight hair

If you have fine hair, opt for a clarifying shampoo which, according to De’FONO, can help remove some weight from the hair (especially if your hair is straight and fine).Combine this with a volume-boosting conditioner and follow with a volumizing Mousse — like the Super Plump Whipped Mousse that resists color); just be sure to apply the Mousse while your hair is damp, as this will give your eventual curls a firmer shape, says De’FONO. Then use a 19mm curling iron for a fuller curl (or a 25mm curling iron for looser curls in longer lengths). If you have unruly hair and think your curls are falling out quickly, De’FONO recommends flipping the hair or lifting each section with your hand and spraying a texturizing spray all over to create volume.

Textured Hair

If you are looking for disco curls that are looser than your natural curl pattern, cleanse your hair initial with a clarifying shampoo and then with a moisturizing conditioner (for example, L’ORÈAL Paris Elvive Hyaluron Plump Moisturizing Conditioner). Then, De’FONO says to apply a moisturizing mousse and dry your hair until it’s completely dry. “The mousse gives your hair a softer base before creating the Disco curls,” she says. “If your naturally textured hair is the curl size you want for your Disco curl, wash and condition the hair, apply a mousse to your wet curls, style your hair to the desired shape and use a diffuser to shape and dry the curls at the same time. Finish the Look with a texturizing spray or a light maintenance spray.”

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