Low-Waste Beauty Products for More Eco-Friendly

Low-Waste Beauty Products for More Eco-Friendly

Reduce, reuse and recycle – There are many ways to make this Earth Month a little greener, especially when it comes to your skin care, wellness and beauty routines. Many brands in this notoriously wasteful field are making progress towards more environmentally-friendly practices, more environmentally-friendly natural ingredients and low- or no-waste packaging.

Although you should always use what you have (and reuse the container if possible) before investing in additional eco-friendly options if you are trying to reduce your plastic consumption, these are great options to consider the next time you upgrade the medicine cabinet. Here are some of our favorite effective, low-waste products that you’ll want to keep in your rotation forever.


These adorable 3-in-1 pencils can be used as an eyeshadow, blush or lipstick and are packed with nourishing ingredients like elderberry and plum oil. Recycled paper containers and packaging are completely compostable, which makes it a real waste-free product.


These firm shampoo and conditioner bars leave hair feeling fresher, more supple and shiny than many traditional duos. And they can hold up to 60 washes, just make sure to store the bamboo stand in a place where it can be ventilated in the middle of showers.

Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod’s “Stones” solid moisturizer is popular for its decadent feel and minimal list of herbal ingredients. Each one is handmade in small batches and you can choose in the middle of the packaging: a refillable bamboo box or a recyclable cardboard bag.

Suzanne Kaufmann

If anyone can dress up with a two-in-one shampoo and body wash, it’s Suzanne Kaufmann. Tidy up your shower and reduce your waste to a minimum with this recycled and recyclable refill. (The impeccable Austrian brand also offer refills of most of its beloved products.)

Clean up with him.More

A rare example of a truly unpackaged body wash option, these water-soluble sachets contain aloe, eucalyptus and almond oil. With fragrance-free and scented versions, waste reduction has never been easier, or more luxurious.


Each of Common Heir’s paper boxes contains 60 fully biodegradable capsules filled with a single dose of concentrated vitamin C serum, a particularly wise choice, as the powerful ingredient is known to oxidize quickly in traditional packaging. Protecting the product from light and air means that the last application will be as effective as the initial.

Everist manufactures ultra-concentrated, water-free hair care products in plastic-free packaging. We are especially fans of its deep conditioner: it contains 20% Aloe Vera for deeply moisturized frizzy curls.

Mighty Tau

This silky and lightweight serum bar is the perfect product to change up your summer skincare routine and avoid unnecessary waste. Licorice extract and German sapphire chamomile promise a more even complexion, and you get a hearty dose of jojoba and squalene hydration.

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