See Kylie Jenner Lost Her Eyebrows to Keep up

See Kylie Jenner Lost Her Eyebrows to Keep up

Kylie Jenner is pulling back the curtain on the “fashion vampire” trend, revealing the reality of bleaching her eyebrows to achieve the creepy couture look that has recently invaded Instagram feeds. In a recent video, the reality TV star gave an overview of her makeup routine, admitting that she had serious consequences by bleaching her eyebrows.

In “Beauty Secrets” for Vogue, Jenner showed how she does her “classic Kylie Glam”, a fairly natural makeup with a little pink on the lips and cheeks, as well as a subtle winged eyeliner. Towards the end of the Routine, Jenner got to her eyebrows, for which she used an Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. “The eyebrows were the center of our look,” Jenner said, refreshing them with a bobbin. “We’ve always done these thick eyebrows. Now eyebrows are not our main goal.”

While Jenner continued brushing with a pencil, she revealed that she recently had a minor eyebrow-related incident that forced her to give up the thick-brow look. “I just had to do this campaign they wanted bleached eyebrows,” she explained. Unfortunately, Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada left the bleach on too long and her eyebrows fell out. Jenner is probably overreacting and has only had a handful of hair fall out because her eyebrows are still very much there. There are a lot of models, influencer and other celebrities walking around absolutely without eyebrows these days, and Jenner is not one of them. Still, he said he’s currently “trying to get it back,” even if the situation doesn’t bother him too much. “It doesn’t matter because there are thin eyebrows,” he said.

It seems that the campaign in question has not yet been published, although it seems that it was earlier this year, because Jenner shared a photo with bleached eyebrows on Instagram at the time. Jenner sported the vampy Look with a Hodakova top, which made for a great look, but we’ll have to wait to see the campaign images to decide if the whole ordeal was worth it.

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