Sunscreens for Summer According to Skin Concerns

Sunscreens for Summer According to Skin Concerns

Sunscreen is one of the most important skin care purchases you will ever make. In addition to preventing premature wrinkles and sun spots, a well-formulated sunscreen significantly reduces the peril of developing skin cancer. In practical terms, it is more of a lifesaver than a wrinkle repellent.

Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type depends on several factors: the season, the time you spend outdoor and even your favorite brands (eco-friendly packaging? Special formulation and ingredients? “Clean” beauty?). The list is long. However, what does not change are some basic facts that you should always keep in mind when using sunscreen.

The key is to reapply it: you should do it every two hour and discard the sunscreen after three year. Never leave your sunscreen tube in the sun and don’t forget your hat. Never.

To help you choose your sunscreens during the upcoming summer months, we have compiled a list of the best exceptional sunscreens to keep your skin alive and properly protected. You deserve a few moments in the sun to absorb all that vitamin D.

The best sunscreen for a splurge

For those who are serious about their sun protection and expect only the best high-quality active ingredients, the new Clé de Peau sunscreen will not disappoint. It is silky when applied, offer SPF 50 sun protection and is infused with powerful herbal plant such as Moroccan thyme, mint and ginseng extract that soothe the skin and minimize inflammation.

The revolutionary patented technology of this product also blocks harmful UV rays while allowing the skin to absorb the skin’s beneficial and regenerating red rays.

The ideal sunscreen for acne-prone skin

For several decades, Proactiv has been effectively treating acne, so it’s no surprise that the brand has created an excellent sunscreen to keep pimples and burns at bay at the same time. This oil-free sunscreen is lightweight, but still contains enough active ingredients to provide complete sun protection and cleanse the skin. This non-greasy formula is also designed to cause less irritation, especially for those who are prone to impurities.

For the most sensitive skin

Finally, a purely body sunscreen that does not irritate the skin and does not leave a pasty white imprint. Mixed with 5% zinc and 10% titanium oxide, your skin is protected from the sun every two hour and sufficiently soothed.

The best anti-aging sunscreen to use after a cosmetic treatment

The fine consistency of this clean and blended sunscreen is super soft and ideal for application after peels, lasers, threads and other procedures that could irritate the skin. With 15% zinc oxide as the active ingredient, Pavese sunscreen helps the skin to regenerate and protects the skin layers from further damage.

The composition uses a high-efficiency displacement to protect the skin against UVA, UVB rays and high-energy visible light, while inhibiting the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species), which can cause dark spots and signs of aging. The formula prevents dark spots and allows them to fade visibly, reduces wrinkles, soothes the skin and restores radiance. Niacinamide and licorice root extract give the skin a brighter and more protected complexion.

The perfect foundation and sunscreen in one

We really like this product for its silky application and its powerful sun protection. As well as prepping your skin before make-up, Charlotte Tilbury’s recent sunscreen product is light and you can also use it on its own. This should be a basic element for skin care all year round.

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