The Famous New Fragrance So Far

The Famous New Fragrance So Far

Its characteristic fragrance is a deeply personal preference. The right perfume has the power to uplift and inspire confidence; it can also strengthen the memories of the past that are dear to you (no wonder some people keep the name of their favorite Eau de Toilette under lock and key). At the of the new year, why not change your perfume to suit your new desires and resolutions? Here we are following the recent fragrances released in 2023; all this will surely inspire and, most importantly, make a positive initial impression by expressing your mood and personality even before greeting someone in the room.

Gucci Bloom intense Eau de Parfum

This charming new version of Gucci Bloom celebrates the most intoxicating foundations of the patchouli and crystal moss chord. The absolute scent of orange blossom, combined with the most aromatic bouquets of jasmine and tuberose, has the power to take you to distant and fragrant fields. In general, this fragrance has a more serious atmosphere with deeper final notes that exude sensuality.

Cartier Oud Vanilla The Hour of Travel

For decades, Cartier has mastered classic musky perfumes with the most Cartier. Now, the recent fragrance from the French house is even more fabulous; moreover, it is a fragrance that you will carry with you all year round. The soft vanilla and Oud wood is, of course, as perfect for winter outings by the fireplace as for sweet summer evenings on the beach.

Whind So Neroli

Every note of the Bronzed Neroli fragrance by Whind is beautiful, which makes it one of our favorites this season. Rich but certainly not heavy, the combination of orange blossom and Neroli will be a timeless fragrance that embodies effortless sophistication.


The Red sapphire Mouth

Inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto’s majestic photography, the sapphire scents transport you through the artist’s Aesthetic Vision. The high notes of lavender and pink pepper offer a calm olfactory experience, rose and geranium dominate the middle notes, and a fragrant cedar base is intoxicating, in a word.

The Waking Water by Sisley Paris Hubert

This isan chic in person. The notes of geranium are perfect for spring and bring this radiant fragrance to an aromatic bliss. The D’Hubert contains nuanced but captivating notes reminiscent of a stream of fresh water sprinkled with greenery, citrus fruits, geranium (our favorite) and even mint to add a new layer of flavor.


Liis Lucienne

It’s hard not to fall in love with this fragrance, reminiscent of comfortabler temperatures and an elegant white linen ensemble from head to toe. Let the fragrant notes of water lily and Dragon fruit float around you, bringing subtle harmony when you enter a room. Lemon zest and magnolia lead the flavors of this fabulous and crisp spring fragrance that wear beautifully at the pulse points.

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